Destined To Be Yours
By aaradhana_adithya
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"I have never done this before." he whispered while cupping her face. "Me too" she said looking at his eyes. "What? You... You have... I thought..." he stammered. Her eyes widened in realization of what he could have thought about her. "Don't tell me you also believed in the rumors our office talking about." she chided at him. "I... I am sorry. It didn't matter to me. And it doesn't matter what your past was. So I didn't take into consideration of other possible ways." he tried to explain his blunder mistake of touching her nerve. She shook her head at disappointment. "I thought you are different from others. But no. Even you also thought so low me. Just leave." she pointed her hand towards the door. "Please understand. I didn't mean it like that." he wanted to tell her why he thought like that. He never believed in rumors when he himself was victim of a gossiping group. "Whatever it is we will talk tomorrow. I want to be alone. So leave now" she whisper yelled as she didn't want to wake her baby sleeping in adjacent room. ***************************************** A short story about how two lonely hearts are destined to end up with each other.

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by aaradhana_adithya