To What We Owe Each...
By FanFictionOfLife
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Four years is a long time to discover who you are. That, however, doesn't always mean you will. But this android that goes by the name of Ralph has brought new meaning into Connors life. That.... and more stress. . . A lengthy Connor x Ralph story! There never are enough and if there are some then there's an 8/10 chance theyre good or completed. If this gets good feedback I will definitely upload on it more often. Prioritizing amirite? I'll keep the chapters relatively long, and always with the plot. Other ships include Reed900, and Simon x Markus x North! Platonic Father/son HankCon, and maybe even Chloe x Kamski! Yay!! If you'd like, go ahead and read my one shot book! It has a much wider viarity of ships! Peace! --_-LaBree, They/Them-_--


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To What W...
by FanFictionOfLife