The Dark, Light and...
By Tizzzz2
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*Completed* Alone. That's what Sadie's always been. Living in a house with an uncaring mother and an abusive sister almost promises a lonely lifestyle. Banished from leaving the house since she was seven, she's never been able to make friends. On top of that her mother is only interested in studying her mutations for science. Her whole life she has been told she's too dangerous for society. 'Troubled." That's all people have ever seen Link as. His anger issues have gotten him expelled from every school he's ever been to. His father sees him as a specimen, his mutated cells the only thing he's ever really cared about, his mother sees a freak of nature that should hide his abilities. His whole life he's been put down and shunned. And then they met, and like pieces to a jigsaw puzzle, they finally found a place where they can fit in. A home within each other. ~Trigger Warning~ •Abuse. •Violence. (I suck at descriptions, it's not that bad. I think.)

Ch.1: Sadie

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The Dark...
by Tizzzz2