Reining Chaos ☆ B...
By Tegan1311
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Chaos begins with a lie. And the more powerful you are, the bigger your lies. When Lanx, an alien exile, breaks their deal, Alexandra shows him what it's like to be human, hoping he'll gain empathy and finally accept Earth as his home. When she later saves him after an attack, he reveals the other exiles are plotting a revolt. Grappling with newfound guilt, Lanx has to choose to betray the exiles or stand with them and fight a losing battle for freedom. Halfway across the universe, a vision shows the Ascendants another Soul Stealer exists. One member realizes Alexandra's betrayed them, his vengeance now close, decades after he lost everything because of her. But it's Red- ruler of the prison world the exiles came from- who may tip the balance after he's forced into the Ascendant's scheme. From the Gulf of Mexico, to Scotland, to Morocco, Alexandra must deal with the exiles coup, ultimately killing two while banishing others. Red's path is forged by his dead father and a demonic being who are aligned with the Ascendant, taking him to a desert world with an underground black market, and a shadow world where your worst memories come to life. Red must figure out if Alexandra's a traitor or if others in power are manipulating facts, warping the truth in a desperate bid to bring down the enigmatic legend. ___ ▪Highest Rankings: #7 in Science-Fantasy #7 in SpaceOpera •7-06-19• ⚠️ Some violence and language 🚫 While I put the cover together, the images are not my own


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Reining C...
by Tegan1311