Reborn: Revenge Of...
By XAnonymousXZ
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"I love you." He said it once in front of her family. "I'll never love you. You ruined my life!" He said it to her face. It was an arranged marriage. Their families were business partners, and because of this marriage, he lost the chance to propose to his childhood sweetheart and was forced to agree to this marriage. She just wanted to be loved, and yet was hated by her husband for being forced to marry her Her parents were killed by his family for money and she was burned to death by her own husband at the age of 22. However, the next day, she found herself lying on her bed unharmed. She was innocent, she was weak, she was naive and she was foolish.. She experienced numerous backstabs and the pain of losing the people dearest and closest to her. But now, she was given a second chance restarting from the age of 18. This time she swore to take revenge on his family and make him pay a million times for what he did to her. But in this lifetime, she meets a mysterious man who could possibly change her life. Will she be able to succeed? Will he be able to pull her out form her dark and silent world? Or will the outcome turn out exactly like her previous life... (Ongoing, updated once a month)

Chapter 1: The Arranged marriage

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Reborn: R...
by XAnonymousXZ