The Voyage of Dawn'...
By AlessaAuditore
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~3rd Story in the Dawn Pevensie Series~ After staying with their irritating and selfish cousin, Eustace, while their older brother and sister are off on their own adventures. Lucy, Edmund, and Dawn are once again sent back to Narnia for what could be their last time ever there. They are literally plunged into the Narnian world and are saved by none other than Dawn's love from their last tip, King Caspian X himself, otherwise known as the Greatest Contradiction in Narnian History, so named by Dawn herself. Together with Caspian, the Pevensies are sent by Aslan to help retrieve the missing Lords but along the way must fight through their darkest wishes and fight temptation or risk losing themselves forever. Will Caspian's and Dawn's relationship crumble or will it hold strong as it once did or will the prospect of Dawn and her family leaving Narnia looming over their heads destroy everything.

Chapter 1

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The Voyag...
by AlessaAuditore