His last goodbyes...
By LeGaysAndLeLesbos
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It's summer vacation Kirishima has been feeling depressed again, but he hides his insecurities with his fake smile...though Bakugo notices some changes in Kirishima. How will he react to his past? Or worst...his parents?... I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS Warnings!: 🚫Cussing warning (we have bakugo here)🚫 🚫some sad children🚫 🚫self harm🚫 🚫depressed Kirishima🚫 🚫BoyxBoy🚫 🚫remember to get your tissues just in case k?🚫 🚫bad grammar🚫 🚫misspellings🚫 **if I do include any of my art then I will say that it's mine but if I don't it's not mine and I give full credit to the artist** ++No smut just lovey dovey stuff++ *+.Other ships.+* Kamisero Tsuchako? (Is that how you spell it?) Tododeku Tokoshoji Momojiro Kodasato Erasermic Minatoru (hagamina?) And OtherS! Highest rankings: #1 - sendhelp #1 - depressedkirishima #13 - sleep #25 - sadness #1 - sadfluff #9 - babys SoO I wAs boReD sO thIS tHinG wAs CrEatED EnJOy!

My fakest smiles

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His last...
by LeGaysAndLeLesbos