The Girl With Hallu...
By MiraEdris
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Rosie Um, you know what ? Let's not call her that. Rose Much better thank you Has PTSD Yes you read that right. Post traumatic stress disorder. Following a major breakdown her father is forced to send her to 'The Estalida Facility' Cause it's time. It's time to deal with the trauma that happened when she was 8 years old. One small problem though, she doesn't remember it but she has to deal with the consequences sooner or later. As she starts to piece out the past, she is surrounded by Jessica her odd med student roommate dealing with anxiety, Mr. Jackson a 65 years old grieving widower & the peculiar Monty. Let's not forget about her hallucinations ,but it's fine really cause she knows they aren't real, she has them under control. Does she ?

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The Girl...
by MiraEdris