Love Affair
By melanie_blue97
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Y/N and Jungkook were best friends as kids. They were basically inseparable. That was until Y/N was 16 and Jungkook was 18. Y/N's father's company expands to England so they move there. Jungkook was left heartbroken since he had fell in love with her. Y/N also loved him. Four years pass. Y/N is now 20, she moves back to find a job better suited for her. In those four years Jungkook's parents forced him into an arranged marriage with a women who was six years older then him. He hated her. She was a gold digger. They didn't even live in the same house. He still loved Y/N. And she still loved him. When Y/N applies for a job at Jungkook's company will they reconcile? Or maybe even be together? Angsty Jungkook X Reader

Chapter 1

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Love Affa...
by melanie_blue97