Watch of the Wicked
By lumtrexa
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Welcome to Wixton, Alabama -- where the dead don't stay dead for very long. After an old face returns, Valerie Parway's secrets will be exposed and she will be forced to pick sides. Oddly enough, the devil has offered Valerie a reprieve for her and her friends as war becomes inevitable. Unfortunately, the devil also casts a new burden on her and after a bad breakup, she becomes even more vulnerable. Could a human be the answer to all her problems? She must decide for herself if she will save her own town or let it crumble. Things certainly won't be easy for the witch as the lines between right and wrong become ever so blurred. Neither her new boyfriend or magic will be enough to protect her anymore from a certain dark leader's own hidden agenda... Book 3 in the Devil's Witch series. Book 8 in The Hallowed Universe. Ongoing (updates weekly) Cover designed by @gentlefiend.

Watch of the Wicked (Devil's Witch Book 3)

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