The Curse of Love
By edendaphne
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Felix never had much luck with love, in fact, his alter ego is somewhat cursed with bad luck, but the day couldn't get much worse. Not when Marinette is declaring her love for him. ----------------------- Felix!Chat AU oneshot ----------------------- Credits to imthepunchlord who came up with Chat's nickname, "My Queen" ----------------------- NOTES: ** I'd been working on this since before the most recent season 3 spoilers were released (the ones with episode titles and synopses) so everything in here is strictly an AU. ** The name Bridgette was a name given to Marinette by fans before her name was officially released, so in this AU, Marinette = Bridgette. Thomas Astruc considers Adrien and Felix as two separate different people, so this Felix is not Adrien. ** Originally in the series, Felix couldn't remove the ring or stop being Chat Noir unless he received a kiss from Ladybug. In addition, the curse included bad luck following him around while not transformed. ----------------------- TRANSLATIONS: *** SPANISH:: *** RUSSIAN:: *** FRENCH:: *** GERMAN::


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The Curse...
by edendaphne