Blood Union (A Vamp...
By LadysDaze
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(Book 2 of 2) Two years after your reawakening as a vampire, life seems to be going better than you ever thought it would be. You have a wonderful job, supportive friends, and of course a loving, if not grumpy, soulmate. But... if you've learned anything from your life, it's that happiness is not a constant. The world seems to take a turn when you least expect it: the nerves behind living in the human world as a supernatural, the return of enemies you had long thought were gone, the growing relationship among your friends, and Bakugou's own demons. Each threatening to bring your own world to a halt. And now... you must face your own new life and separate from your old one if you wish to continue living with those you care for. But that decision can only be made... if you feel like it's worth moving on and going forward with your heart set on a future with him. (A Vampire Bakugou Katsuki x Reader Soulmate AU) (Sequel to Blood Bond)

A Warning to Future Readers

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Blood Uni...
by LadysDaze