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Allie Henderson was one of the best, she was a brutal fighter, she was a just leader, and she was full of potential. Allie was a lot of things before they destroyed her. Now to say that she doesn't know who she really is would be an understatement. She had to fight for everything she had and that was all she knew but now she is too broken to fight and she doesn't know any other way to live. She can't think past the need to escape the nightmare of abuse that ruined her life. Struggling with her past, not only does she have to face her future but also come to terms with how her life should have been. Eventually she will come face to face with those responsible for her broken and silenced state. Allie might still be struggling with everything and unable to retaliate but her mate is not and he feels that it is their turn to be 'Silenced'. Trigger Warnings: Sexual Assault, Violence, Self-Harm/Suicide, Miscarriage, Sexual Content, Abuse, Blood, Mental illness. ***This rewrite switches to first person and alterations have been made to the plot and people for a smoother and hopefully better version than my original draft. **All rights reserved. No version of my story, characters, plot, settings, or events may be reproduced without my explicit permission.


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