Grendilton: Rise of...
By evo_eevee
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Nobody is born evil. They're only seen as a hero in a different perspective. Macey Russells is a trainee Summoner with the rare ability to manipulate the lunar energy that surrounds her. However, due to her anxiety, she has a hard time controlling her magic, using sarcasm and witty jokes to gain a steady mentality. Connor Heslington, brother of the famous Overseer Michael, is a future Paladin who is following in the footsteps of his prestigious family. Known only as a cutthroat snake in the grass, he wants to detach himself from the ways of the old, knowing that if his family keep leading with an iron heart, war will be on the horizon. However, he knows that being kind in this world will only get himself killed. With rumours of a lingering darkness beckoning on the horizon, the Grendilton Institute starts to prepare for a battle against a hoard of creatures created in the caverns of blackness, led by an unknown industry whose intentions seem to contradict the Citadel of Magics. With conflicting turmoil with one another, Macey and Connor both dwell further into the world of the shadows, discovering that Macey is only half of a very complicated puzzle. Will it lead to the destruction of the world? Or bring peace once again? Began: 7.02.19 Completed: TBA

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by evo_eevee