Frans Truth or dare
By Griffengirl_YAY
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Undertale fanfic, Frisk comes home from hanging with some friends, Skelebros ask Frisk what did they do, Frisk tells about the game truth or dare, Papyrus likes the idea of it and makes the three of them play it. Things you must know before reading: a bit of fluff. Frisk lives with the skelebros, Frisk is around 19-20 in this fanfic, sans is about 24, papyrus is about 22, this is after setting the monsters free from the underground, there is no lemons or sins, this is a Frans fanfic if you don't like Frans that absolutely fine. I'm also a soriel and kustard shipper myself. Please no ship hate. Disclaimer: None of the art is mine I'm am no way near that talented at drawing yet, unfortunately, I couldn't find out who drew it.Happy reading :D

Truth or Dare

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Frans Tru...
by Griffengirl_YAY