Rages Of Riches
By -theboringwriter-
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[All Rights Reserved] "I'm sorry but it seems that she's not here."He slammed the desk with his fist looking the lady in front of him. "Listen here, tell me where is she?" "Last time I checked, they said she moved to Canada."His eyes widen and grabbed his phone to call his jet. ----- Leah Beckings was a poor girl going to school and back home without her mother who was in the hospital for a treatment for cancer. She's worked hard and towards the end of year happy to finish high school. Alan Greg as you could say was a cocky rich boy who either wanted a life of riches or money. But all he knew was he wasn't going to get a life he wanted in those books. So he decided to find his true love. What's going to happen to Beckings? Y'all know Alan might do things. But what's she gonna do?

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Rages Of...
by -theboringwriter-