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"And if your day was long, I'll be there to ask you what went wrong my dear.." ยทยท Teenage years are hell for everyone, especially Billie Corgan who barely has any part of her life together. With a mentally ill and unfit mother, she and her twin sister were left with their father who passed away in a freak accident which ended in his daughters in the custody of their alcoholic elder cousin. Billie copes with the horror and tragedy surrounding her with the help of her two best friends, Selena and Claire, and for a while her boyfriend, Andrew, as well. But after days of on and off morning sickness, heavy mood swings, and a positive pregnancy test, Andrew isn't the loyal boy that his girlfriend knew before. Billie struggles with getting her family and friends to understand the reasoning behind some of her decisions for the baby and sometimes in her mind, it's like it's just the two of them left in the world. Billie has a difficult time reorganizing her life to fit this new one into it, she feels sometimes as though all hope for her future, her dreams and wishes are all gone, that they'll never become reality for her. Facing so many mature problems with a mixture of anger and sadness all at once will take a serious toll on this young girl and the rest of her days. Bringing a new person into the world shows the true faces and colors of those that Billie loves the most.


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