Catfish (Coming Soo...
By abstracting
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Maia Sue is a quirky mini YouTuber who does challenges and sings for fun. In real life, she works as a part time Starbucks barista and part time Dairy Queen server. One rainy Saturday evening, Chad Michaels, wannabe DJ, stumbles upon her YouTube channel and immediately falls in love. Week after week passes by and he finds himself looking forward to her video updates and covers. After days and weeks of being 'just another viewer', he gathers up the courage to talk to her. Scared of rejection, he creates a fake YouTube channel and goes by the name 'Alex Hood'. Chad uploads some of his remixes, which quickly gains views, likes, and ultimately subscribers. He catches Maia's attention and they eventually get talking on Kik. But what happens when Maia realizes that not everything is what it seems?

Catfish (Coming Soon)

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Catfish (...
by abstracting