Be the Villainess?...
By xian_gongzhu
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Yukio Sachi, a normal highschool girl living a normal life died in a car crash accident. Thinking that her life was about to fade, she realized she was in an other person's body. Ariadnna Edelfelt, a manga story's villainess was a spoiled half-european little princess. A Queen of all aristocratic children. Love by adults. Protected since young. Then, she got seriously sick. That's when the normal girl, Yukio Sachi's soul entered her body. It's when the little princess' 2 years old body got sick, 12 years before the events. Shock by this revelation, she remained impassive, though a little bit uncomfortable. But she got over it in a few years. Instead of the normal cliché stories where a villainess avoids their death flag. She neither accepted nor avoids it. Instead, she just accept everything that's coming her way. Just go with the flow as they say. Be the villainess? Ara~ara~ WARNING: I don't own any pictures and I'm just a fan of otome game villainesses story. And yeah, this is my first time writing.


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Be the Vi...
by xian_gongzhu