Flowers at the End...
By Romanislesbian
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'I'll help you for one month, then you have to give up. But, if you change to his liking, I won't help you at all.' ----------------------------------------- Laurette Carduus, (The Nice Popular Girlâ„¢) who everyone knows and loves. Ophelia is your shy typical girl, wears modest clothes, doesn't talk much. Ophelia says shes in love with Connor, the usual love interest in these stories. Ophelia somehow gets Laurette to help her, in getting Connor to like her. ------------------------------------------ "You can't force l o v e" ------------------------------------------ Laurette agrees to help Ophelia, but only for a month, nothing more. On top of that Laurette said if Ophelia changed herself to Connor's opinions she would stop helping her. ------------------------------------------ 'Love starts as a feeling, but to continue is a choice. And I find myself choosing you, more and more everyday." ----------------------------------------- I came up with this story like a month ago and I only just started to write stuff down for it.

Why Wouldn't I?; Chapter 1

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Flowers a...
by Romanislesbian