Til Death Tears Me...
By Neverxinagain
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"If I'm going to die anyway, there's no point in trying to live." A typical reincarnated into a villainess story, except the protagonist isn't your typical 'I want my happy ending protagonist', but a death seeker. XX 《'Til Death Tears Me Apart, I Will Always Love You》is a very successful otome game. As much praise and admiration the game recieves, it is also, however, notorious for being absurdly difficult. One wrong step and the player would be drowning in an ocean of death flags, for both the Heroine and the Capture Targets. Anything short of perfection wouldn't even get the player a glimpse of a happy ending for the Capture Target the player chose. Enter me; Just a simple, normal girl reincarnated into a game as dangerous as that, as the villainess no less. Destined to die no matter what, I think there's no point in me trying to fight fate. If I'm going to die regardless, might as well die sooner rather than later. But that desire for death causes more than just a few changes to the definite plot; From little ones that have no effect at all, to life changing ones that may destroy the world of Arraxus. So the God of the world makes a deal with me: They'll give me a peaceful and happy afterlife, as long as I get a happy ending for myself. "Let the game begin!" -- Discontinued.

Prologue: When You Close The Doors Of Life But Windows Open Up Instead

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Til Death...
by Neverxinagain