Good Things I'll Ne...
By jndixon2
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Beverly Curie only lives for herself (and maybe ice cream). She's the only member of her family left in Chestnut Ridge, where she's kept the same routine for eight years: do as little work as possible during the day, marathon sitcoms in the evening, and try (for the life of her) to get everyone to leave her alone. When she loses her position at Red Ribbon's Craft Store, Beverly is left without a job and without a paycheck. Then her estranged sister, Aimee, calls with an impossible favor: Could Beverly take care of her three nieces for six months? It's insane. But then there's the thirty thousand dollars that Aimee offers to pay and Beverly can't resist. Suddenly, she's stuck taking care of three little girls, trying not to kill the soccer moms at the snobby Percival Academy, and joining the PTO. Now Beverly--self-serving, sarcastic, and problematic--must take on the role of a loving parent. And she is anything but.

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Good Thin...
by jndixon2