The Face in the Hou...
By amyschmitty
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A twisted tale of death, love, and magic. Enter the mouth of the face in the house.... WATTPAD PICK: Stranger Summer Reads ☀️😈 Rose White's little old house is filled floor-to-ceiling with books, newspapers, and other fragments of a life spent shut in from the outside world. She lived as a stranger to her family, who knew her only as a reclusive, lonely old woman. Only her great-granddaughter, Teddy White, knows that the woman was anything but lonely in that strange old house. At just ten years old, Teddy witnessed an impossible, terrifying magic there--one that changed her life forever. Nearly a decade after that twisted weekend visit, Teddy returns to grandma's house, unsure she can trust her own memory of the place. As she struggles with her newfound independence, she dives deep into the escape, and companionship, the house provides. For the first time she can remember, Teddy feels the warmth of love and security with her makeshift family--But there's a dark presence growing in the house that threatens to take it all away.

Prologue: Grandma's House

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The Face...
by amyschmitty