From the Street to...
By EdwardWillett
  • Science Fiction
  • aliens
  • drugs
  • futuristic
  • music
  • rock
  • rockstar
  • sciencefiction
  • teen
  • young-adult


Kit is a tough streetkid from a backwater planet, living hand-to-mouth as a musician. Then he meets Rain, a tentacled alien, and Qualls, a talent scout. Overnight, Kit becomes Andy Nebula, interstellar rock sensation. But as his star starts to fade, Kit and his young fan Meta find themselves caught up in something far less glamorous--and more deadly!--than the galactic music industry. This YA science fiction story was originally published by Roussan Books in Montreal. It was named to the Our Choice list of the Canadian Children's Book Centre and was a finalist for the Manitoba Young Readers' Book Award. Now I'm making it available for free on Wattpad, chapter by chapter, as a way of kicking off my Wattpad contributions. I hope you enjoy it!

From the Street to the Stars (Andy Nebula: Interstellar Rock Star, Book 1)

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From the...
by EdwardWillett