Still Holding On (J...
By AestheticMina
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after accepting her boyfriend's proposal to marry him, there are a lot of plans in jennie's mind : building a new home, meeting a new family, starting a brand new chapter in her life,, the list goes on and on. but falling for someone new? and a girl for that matter? now that's something no one could've prepared jennie for. however, love, and true love at that, is inevitable. it's unstoppable in a way that you can barely fathom. and when lisa's fierce love breaks down every wall that jennie ever created, she knows it's fruitless to try and resist. but what happens when the girl she happens to fall for is someone who is so important to her boyfriend that the only word to describe her life now is a mess? what happens when two completely different worlds come crashing into each other? what happens when love drives you to the point of insanity? what happens when love brings you nothing but pain? will jennie and lisa be able to hold on?

Chapter 1

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Still Hol...
by AestheticMina