The Butterfly Thiev...
By LunaHart13
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • cult
  • discover
  • friendship
  • horror
  • hostage
  • kidnap
  • kidnapping
  • mystery
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  • stalking


Milly hates the fake Starbuck mothers that give her looks and hiding their children from her as if she were a monster. Smoking, partying, getting into trouble, Milly didn't see anything in her life going right for her. She didn't know what happiness was. Till him. <--------------------------> 22. That's how many 'butterflies' Thomas has saved. Milly was going to be number 23, his last butterfly before he retired. He's watched her for months, without her knowledge. Been there for her highs and lows, and knows she would be a perfect citizen for Earnest Town. After he cures her and gives her the choice, he knows she would go. Milly was the last butterfly. <------------------------------------> I thought that possibly, he would laugh, or at least smile along with me. We would go on with our light conversion and focus on the meaning of happiness again. It was going to be a nice change with a stranger, having a milkshake. I was wrong. He pushed me against the wooden fence, pending me against it hard. I tried screaming, but he placed his hands on my mouth. "Things are going to be okay, Milly. Just breathe. Stay calm, or it'll hurt." Of course, I didn't, I struggled, trying to get away from him, but he was ten times stronger than me. I felt a sharp pitch going into my arm. He injected me with a needle, having it burn inside my veins. I didn't know either I was screaming because of the pain or because of the fear. No less than 30 seconds, I felt dizzy, my whole world was spinning. How did he know my name? Did he know me? Was this how I was going to die?

Chapter One

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The Butte...
by LunaHart13