Red Winter
By wisdomblackorchid2
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It's been almost two years since the defeat of Thanos & the effects of the snap was successfully reversed. The world has slowly picked up the pieces & everyone worked hard to resume their lives right off where the Decimation left them hanging. Some succeeded, as easily as pressing the play button after putting a movie on a long pause, while some were never the same again despite regaining everything and everyone they have lost. The Avengers were the lucky ones. Lucky enough to go back to their normal or fortunate enough to be given a fresh start. Tony & Pepper got married & jetted off in a private island to finally start their long overdue family life. Sam moved back to D.C & resumed his work at the VA. Rhodey continued working as a military consultant & Wakanda has never been more occupied as it became the number one tourist spot in less then a year. Clint went back to retirement tugging Wanda along with him to his farm where Laura welcomed her with open arms. Thor & Bruce were off-planet helping the remaining Asgardians settle on a new home. Fury rebuilt his super spy network with Maria overseeing operations at the Avengers Facility, recruiting, training a new breed of response team. And Steve finally got Bucky back & they have spent the past year back in Brooklyn, traveling the world once in a while & even participating in USO tours and fairs. Everyone tried to move on and rightly so because at the end of the day, that's pretty much what's expected of everyone after any tragedy. Natasha, too has moved on. The only problem is, she chose to move on alone. * I don't own any of these characters or wish to infringe on any copy or intellectual rights. I'm just someone who has a deep love for the MCU that I can't help but try to keep the story going, keep these characters alive in more adventures, especially with 'endgame' hovering, looming over us.*

Chapter 1 - Fury's Little Reunion

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Red Winter
by wisdomblackorchid2