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You accidentally bump each other. And she thinks you're creepy? She thinks you're poor? She thinks you're a player? She thinks you're a lazy person? But, WHAT IF all those "what ifs" are the opposite of your life? And most part of it the shocking news is SHE IS YOU'RE FUTURE WIFE?!!! Meet Alexys Anderson, a 28 years old, lesbian, brain surgeon, one and only daughter of the owner of Anderson Corporation which is the no. 1richest company in the world. She is so kind. She always volunteered in medical mission. She is not a fan of business world. She loves to help other people. But the problem is, she has a secret that only her family knows about it but they still love her. People love her. People adore her. But what will happen when she finds out that her parents set her to an arrange marriage? Will she accept it? Will she fall in love? Will she finally open up with someone else? Will she accepts the arrange marriage especially with the girl who happened to be the first woman who hates her at the first time of their encounter, who happen to be the daughter of one of the most influential people in business world and the best friend of her dad, her name is Kayla Fields, 27 years old, bisexual, CEO of Fields Corporation, Strict sometimes, very beautiful, straight forward, competitive, most boys and girls throws at her but she don't want their attention. She love business and she always put everything in it. But what will happen if her parents set her to an arrange marriage and happen to be the person who bump her and ruined her first day at first encounter? Will they both fell in love? Will they give a chance to each other? Let's hear out their story.

First Encounter

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YOU?! HER...
by drced_diestine