Aura's Undoing (Aft...
By AWFrasier
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Dark Urban Fantasy | Vampire | Romance | LGBTQ+ Aura hated her work. Hated her life and hated her entire existence. She thought she ended it all but then she wakes up to the Aztec Deity of Death sitting on her toilet, telling her she has been given a second chance. Aura is thrust into a new life where deities are real, those who used to be mortals have died and risen from the grave and she has apparently enemies dead set on taking her down. When she is drugged at a gathering, her deity Xipe Totec gets more and more secretive. There's something he isn't telling her and the other previously mortal people in their brood. And Aura is definitely not content with being kept in the dark. There's a path to enlightenment, but maybe it's not paved with morale.


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Aura's Un...
by AWFrasier