Red Demon (adopted)...
By ShadowTriad14
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She was a mistake, she knew she was a mistake. It was normal. She was ignored, she was left alone, by all except her little brother. He was the only one in her family that she cared about. But then the mansion burned down. She escaped, she didn't miss her mom and dad. All she missed was her brother. But she snapped. All that hatred, that fear, the discrimination. She took it, and she mastered it. She baited them all to her new mansion, and killed twenty men with nothing but a knife, all on her own. There, standing in a pool of blood, he showed up. He was a mistake. A demon never meant to be alivealive, and yet he was one of the most powerful of them all. They called him The Red Devil. Prince of Hell. But he was an outcast. He didn't mind it. It all roled off his back. He didn't care what others thought, nor how they saw him. He was just him, a little devil. He had friends, but even they were weary of him. He laughed whenever they looked scared of him. When he got pissed, demons would run to the darkest parts of hell, where he couldn't reach them. He had never been summoned by a human before. Yet, one day, he was. Standing before him was a girl covered in the blood of humans. Two mistakes form a contract. An unshakable bond between demon and human. Of course, no matter what, they didn't get along at first. Overall, she didn't give two shits about the demon at her side. He wants her soul. She wants his blood. Psychopaths? Maybe. Absolutely insane? That works. But perfect for each other? Without a doubt. The story of two mistakes coming on terms with each other's help. I wonder, what could go wrong? *I OWN NOTHING* *This is adopted story from fellow writer Dragonheart3606* *Cover by @idxris


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Red Demon...
by ShadowTriad14