The Forgotten Siste...
By Jaye_Never_Ending
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*Book One of the Daniella Swan Series* Daniella Swan is the twin sister of Isabella Swan. When their parents split up they both went to live with their Mother. Daniella was always second in everyone's mind. She could tell that much. When they visited their Father, Charlie, he seemed to always pay more attention to Isabella. The samething with their Mother. When they were little, she would take Isabella to ballet, do her hair in the morning and even bake cookies with her. However, anytime Daniella asked for her Mother to take her to her music lessons or do HER hair in the morning or make brownies with Daniella there was never any 'time' to do it. So, now, Renee, their Mother, has gotten remarried to a man named Phil. Phil traveled a lot because of his job. So, now that the sisters are seventeen, they decided to go stay with their Father in Forks, Washington for a while. What happens to the Swan sisters in this rainy town of Forks? Will they be able to face the challenges that are waiting for them in their future? Read about Daniella, The Forgotten Sister, and hear her story of their new life in Forks... Top Story Tag Ranks: #1 in jasperhale #1 in jasper #5 in hale #4 in jaspercullen #5 in cullen #7 in twilight #4 in swan #39 in story *Disclaimer: 1. All credit goes to Stephenie Meyer, Author of the Twilight Saga, for the inspiration to write this book. This is a work of fanfiction and all characters are her's, except for the ones I create in this book those are mine and only mine. 2. Some things will be different and it won't follow the storyline of the Twilight books word for word all the time. 3. There will not be a lot of the Edward and Bella plot in here, but it will occur a little bit throughout the book as I use the scenes for the love story. 4. You got this far you might as well read the book now! ;)*

Chapter One: The Prologue

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The Forgo...
by Jaye_Never_Ending