Time To Wake Up (ON...
By ken_mafia
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Art Project "Time To Wake Up" is a tragic story about having demons in your head and learning how to conquer them. It is about mental illness and disorders and proving that it is an intense battle between a person and his mind itself. The author of this story wanted you to know that mental illness is not a joke and it should be taken seriously. For anyone suffering with mental illness, please consider telling someone you trust, a psychiatrist, and or call for help. Includes lyrics from all the songs in the album Trench. WARNING: This story contains sensitive content, viewer discretion is advised. Inspired by twenty one pilots' full length album Trench: https://top.lnk.to/trench twenty one pilots: http://www.twentyonepilots.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBQZwaNPFfJ1gZ1fLZpAEGw Cover art: @ken_mafia

Time To Wake Up

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Time To W...
by ken_mafia