Perfect Lies -A Bil...
By make_a_wish071
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∆Featured in Wattpad's Dangerous love profile's 'feature on dangerous love' reading list~ ∆Hades(1st place) in Drama category and Moirae(most surprising) in Romance category in the Acheron Awards 2019~ ∆Runner-up in the badboy category of Earnesty's writers award 2019~ ∆Second place in the Cupid Awards 2020~ ∆2nd place in romance in the Magestic Wings Award~ ∆2nd place in romance in the Ruby Awards~ ∆3rd place in the 2019 Dream Awards~ ∆3rd place in the Creativity Awards 2019~ ____ He started walking towards me until he was so close that I could feel his breath fanning my face. My breathing quickened. Leaning down he put one of his hands beside me on the counter and wiped something from the corner of my lips with a towel. Slowly moving to my ear he whispered, "No one shall know about what you saw today." He got up and gazed at me intensely. "Understood?" I nodded my head rapidly. "Good." His lips curved into a tiny smile, so tiny I almost didn't notice. Then he turned around and left leaving me a quick breathing mess. ______ Meet Ember Collins, a simple girl. Meet Hunter William King, the city's renowned billionaire. She is sweet, kind, brave and quirky. He is heartless, cold, dangerous and can do anything for his business. She is like water calming souls when touches. He is like a tornado destroying everything on his way when passes. They are like the opposite sides of a knife. One harmless, another cuts. What will happen when they will be bound by an arranged marriage? What will happen when the secret behind the marriage will be revealed? Join Ember's journey through love and hate to see what happens. Banners by: @Matthaios_07 Cover by: make_a_wish071 #theblackawards2k19 #TheCosmicAwards2019 #TheMysticalAwards #TOSOWcontest #RedCupidAwards #KissAwards2019 #theaceawards2020 #TEA2020 #TheCupidAwards #RoseAwards

The proposal

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Perfect L...
by make_a_wish071