The Prince of Ninja...
By Star_OfTheShow
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Long before time had a name, the First Spinjitzu Master, a man born half Oni half Dragon, created Ninjago, long after so, he left the world, leaving it in the hands of his two sons, Wu and Garmadon. Garmadon, being the eldest brother, inherited the throne, and ruled Ninjago with an iron fist, Wu was banished from the castle when he questioned Garmadon's rule, and Garmadon's wife, Queen Misako left him, taking their son with her. For years, Garmadon searched for his son and wife, and after sixteen years, he's finally found them. Also, to be clear, unless it's stated by me in an author's note, or the star I use to sign my drawings or painting is on the art, I probably found it on Pinterest and in no way mean to take credit for someone else's art.

Chapter 1

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The Princ...
by Star_OfTheShow