Beast Is the Father...
By Stories_by_Saesha
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Rosanne Hillary (20) was just an average girl living with her mother Monalisa in their vintage house. Her father was killed by drug addicts when she was In her mother's womb. Monalisa worked overtime to finance Rosanne's studies. Monalisa is childhood friends with Matilda Wincent, the mother of none other than the city's wealthiest businessman/mafia and A beast 'Dejan Wincent' (30) highly known for being merciless. Soon without even Rosanne's acknowledgement Monalisa and Matilda decides to marry rose with Dejan. Whereas in his personal life Dejan is already in love with Maria (28), his highschool sweetheart. He agrees to marry rose under his mother's insistence. But he decides to make her life hell so that one day she will end their marriage and leave forever, he from his heart never accepted her as his wife. But somehow she ended up pregnant with his baby, and Dejan decides to Make Rose's pregnancy her living nightmare, not even accepting or caring for his own child. Doing things no one ever dreamt about. But soon, he realizes his mistakes. Will he be able to win her back or Will she leave him forever. Read the story to find out. This story do contains Explicit contents. I have made 2 Endings for this story. An alternate one for readers with intolerance of violence that Series will be known as "Beast is the father: Ending 2" And the original one for Wild fantasy Readers that one will be known as" Beast is the Father: Ending 1" So if ya can't tolerate violence and Brutal happenings kindly read the Ending 2. Thank you.

Chapter 1

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Beast Is...
by Stories_by_Saesha