Known Cure (Savages...
By amywords
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"You can pretend, love. But you can't ever forget, I won't let you." ~ ~ ~ With everything in the palm of his hand - money, success, and power, Noah Zanetti, was both admired and feared. He knew how to work a scalpel, both to fix you, and rip you apart. It was unfair that he managed to look sexy while doing both. But a person can't have everything now, can they? There's just one thing Noah wants more than anything, but can't have, and his temptation comes in the form of his boss's sister and his teenage lover. Dive into this not-so-romantic journey with Noah Zanetti and Valerie Valentino, as they navigate their way through the ups and downs of life while trying to keep their biggest secret hidden from their family and best friends. • • • Book Two of the Savages of Sicily Series • • •

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Known Cur...
by amywords