Beautiful, Dirty, R...
By seastarssaki
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Kwon Yuri would be considered wealthy under any other circumstances. But at Shinwa Academy, a school for rich kids, she's just a commoner. The academy has high expectations regarding wealth and appearance (not academics), which she lacks. Yet Yuri won't transfer to a regular High School. Why, you might ask? Because she's fallen in love with the school's Prince: Sohn Shownu. Shownu is the heir to the Sohn conglomerate, the second wealthiest family in all of Korea. And they can only be together in secrecy at Shinwa Academy. Is it possible to stay in love when billions of dollars are on the line? Yuri will be forced to find out. And of course this wouldn't be a story without twists and turns. A huge secret will be revealed that turns Shinwa Academy upside down. ...... "I want to see this prim and proper school turn into a jungle." [The story starts off a little slow, and gets especially juicy after the first 5-ish chapters.] Ranking: #1 in Shownu #1 in Minhyuk #1 in monsta #1 in chaebol #1 in monsta #1 in Kihyun #1 in kdrama #1 in Monstax

Chapter One: Image

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by seastarssaki