Last Spirits (Haunt...
By susannaevanspfw
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Blood for blood An Eye for an Eye Bone of my kin For the love of my heart With Time on my side And the Assassin's Blade I bind me to him The Light in The Dark Flesh to Essence Essence to majick Ashes to ashes And the world falls apart. "Celare eum!" Lucah threw his head back, laughing as the ashes rose from the ground. The bricks flew into place and the blood of the dead obeyed his command. Bone crushed into a fine powder mixed with the crimson to bind the walls of Cyan's prison into place. Hiding his brother was not all that hard now that he'd stolen the majick. "I AM ETHER!" But he was not... One bloodspell ripples across planes and rewrites history. It changes bloodlines, mates, and the majick itself. For Raven, the Light of Justice, the battle is won. Until he returns home and discovers the face of his true enemy and the man he thought he imagined is real.


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Last Spir...
by susannaevanspfw