Don't You Remember?
By AntheaHolland67
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Adopted by Tony Stark at the age of ten, Kaya Stark doesn't know much about her real family. She's been living with the Avengers through all their highs and lows, but after she starts attending Midtown Tech and settling into school life with her 'best friend' Peter Parker, Ned and MJ, an old friend shows up, and with him, a promise of trouble. 'Peter, don't do that to me,' I complain, covering my eyes so I can't see. 'Do what?' he asks, innocently. I shake my head. 'That thing with your eyes, when they go all soft and cute, don't do it,' He laughs and I feel him move closer. 'You think my eyes are cute?' he asks. My eyes go wide as I freeze on the spot, my now hands hanging loosely at my sides. 'No?' He grins. 'Was that an answer or a question?'


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Don't You...
by AntheaHolland67