Carry My Heart
By jbsullivan17
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Amelia Larson has a secret, something only her family and therapist knows. She knew her life would change for the worse if the other kids at school knew so she kept to herself, somehow also having a bad reputation that keeps people away, it's easier to keep the secret. Adrien Saxon has had his eye on Amelia for a while. He's always wondered what happened in ninth grade that made her disappear for the entire year. Out from his brother's shadow, Adrien is the star basketball player and he hates all the attention he's getting for it. Deciding to be his own person regardless of what his teammates and ex-girlfriend think, Adrien is going to be his own person. Through watching Amelia, Adrien learned that she has a secret and he's dying to find out what it is. First, he has to get Amelia to trust him. Will Amelia trust Adrien? Will Adrien find out her secret? Will Amelia scare him off before he figures out anything?


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Carry My...
by jbsullivan17