We Are Zodiac (Heta...
By BookBird1497
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If you think you've wandered into a Fruits Basket-type story with sugary sweetness and romance, you are wrong. Dead wrong. This is a story where you probably won't survive the night. Welcome to a world where you have to be wary of going out of your home. Lock your doors behind you. Carry a weapon of the highest caliber possible. Don't stay out after sunset, even if you have a flashlight and camping gear. Beware the Zodiac. They are everywhere, and they are so thirsty... Thirsty for your annihilation. The cover photo and many of the side photos are by Yuhon on deviantart, so I in no way claim ownership of any kind of them. This is a Hetalia AU of my own creation, something completely new to the world. Please be kind and don't be too critical, though there shall be some gore and violence, possibly death (especially in flashbacks) so read at your own discretion. Again, this is something I myself came up with (with some inspiration from Yuhon's pictures) so have fun!

Chapter 1

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We Are Zo...
by BookBird1497