Mission- Playing Mr...
By bookaddicted5
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Alright, suppose this, it's a godforsaken Saturday night, I'm about to close my window when a rock comes flying to hit me square on the face, now because I'm not nice enough to be a scared little girl about it, I yell "F*ck" loud enough to scare my sister's annoying cat off my bed. I look down only to find my bestfriend bawling her eyes out and pelting rocks at my window at midnight. "Ari!? What the hell?" I hissed. Arianna my pain in the ass for a best friend looked at me with glassy eyes. "Tori, I'm ruined...Ethan..he...did it again....Check your phone." she cried. After grumbling, I checked my phone and my eyes went wide. {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} Victoria Hart was not your typical girly girl, she was the school's badass. Nobody messed with her until they had a death wish ready, and right now the person on her hit list was nobody other than the great Ethan Woods. Ethan Woods was your classic player, he chose his victims every month and once he got bored, he ruined and humiliated them, unfortunately for Ethan, his latest victim was Arianna Lindale, Victoria's best friend. And now, Victoria's out for blood, with a new mission. To play Mr. Player. That's it. Mr. Player, it's the end.

Mission- Playing Mr.Player

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by bookaddicted5