Nerd to Badass
By gaysarising
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Nerd to Badass. EXO high school AU Byun Baekhyun Was the schools innocent push over of a nerd. Nice to everyone but bullied by others. Sweetest most innocent thing you could meet. Loved bright colors and pastel skirts. Park Chanyeol Football captain A sweet guy especially compared to his best friend Sehun. Has had a crush on Baekhyun for years. He and Baekhyun get close over the summer. Baekhyun decides to make a change. He worked out with Chanyeol. Got his black belt. Bought new clothes and practiced dance. Decided to stop hiding his true self. And definitely stopped being walked all over. Like he owned the school. Literally. He wasn't about to be treated like dirt anymore. Read to see what happens. How's the year going to go? Side ships Hunhan Kristao Sulay Kaisoo Xuichen Warning ⚠️- includes crossdressing, boyxboy, mature language, smut, and more. Don't read it if you don't like it but do not make rude comments! Published (1)/(21)/(19) Completed ()/()/() Hope y'all enjoy-B All rights reserved. Do not post any of my writing without permission.


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by gaysarising