Oil and Cash
By See_Barb_Write
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↣Outer Banks meets Booksmart movie↣ 🎉1st in The Coffee and Cake Awards 2019 Seventeen-year-old Cashara Cooper is hell-bent on escaping stifling, humid Hackberry, Louisiana. She's tired of being "Coupon-Clippin' Cash", the poorest girl in her class. The freshly-minted NYU acceptance letter hiding in her top drawer is her exit ticket, and when her house burns to the ground on prom night killing her only family member, she's even more certain there's nothing left for her in Hackberry. There's only one problem: Her two best friends don't know that she's leaving, and she can't bring herself to say goodbye. Nick Sheridan copes with his monumental crush on his neighbor Cash the way any Gen Z musician would: By writing and performing music on a WeView channel under the fake name "Duke of Squalor." When an angsty late-night jam session with his viola and his Cash-centered lyrics result in his going viral, the pressure is on to tell her how he feels before the internet beats him to it. Daughter of the world's most Catholic Scots, Skye Bickett needs a plan to keep her burgeoning relationship with a female classmate under-wraps until she's ready to face her parent's judgement. Asking Nick to prom seemed like the easiest way to skirt suspicion. At least it would have been, if her havoc-prone twin brother hadn't blown her cover at the worst possible moment. Complicated attractions, lies of omission, and rumors about the fire that killed Cash's uncle threaten the storybook ending Hackberry's seniors had imagined. As Cash, Nick, and Skye grapple with what comes next, they're also called to embrace what is: Sweatpants at prom, stolen rodeo pigs, and small- town friendships living on borrowed time. [[Formally called How To Get Away With Ghosting 👻]]

1. [Nick] Buy The Balls ✔️

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Oil and C...
by See_Barb_Write