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#1 in Angel Reyes - 31.07.2020 Callie Cordell is a lot of things: A single mother. An older sister. The owner of her own little flower shop in Santo Padre. However, Callie is not prepared for the tidal wave that's about to come crashing down on her life in the form of a local biker gang. - X X X - When her younger sister Jess asks Callie to pick her up from hanging out with her friend, the older Cordell sister thinks it's just a simple task. Drive over to the friend's place, pick Jess up and drive back home. Only, that friend is Leticia Cruz and that place is the Mayans M.C's clubhouse. Things turn out not to be so simple when she arrives to a raucous party going on and her underage sister drunk off her ass and completely enamoured by the M.C's prospect (who really seems to have bigger problems than dealing with a teenage admirer). And then there's the biker with those sad eyes, the charming smirk and those god awful pick-up lines. He's aggravating - but he's oh so handsome. That's where their story begins. And it continues with a broken down car, an angry ex boyfriend, a shared cigarette, a sassy four year old and a single flower. And whisperings. And stars.

1: first sights and sad eyes

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Casual Mo...
by redlipswritings