Newt x Reader || A13
By autocorrrect
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He was alone; he was fragile; he was scared, crumbling under the weight of a leader's role. He is the glue. She is bold; she is determined; she is confused, haunted by visions of her forgotten past. She is the trigger. From the ashes of a world destroyed by the Flare rises a new one in which no one is safe. In which her arrival triggers things he has never seen before. In which there were always rumors that Thomas wasn't the only one with something pertinent running through his veins. In which a boy from her past makes her the world's only hope. In which she was never just a test subject, and her deadly mistake will cost her friends their lives. In which a boy with a limp and a girl with fire in her veins come together under the deadliest of circumstances. - - - © A13 is based off of events from the Maze Runner Trilogy (James Dashner), and includes scenes imaginatively shaped from the Fever Code ( Jes | @autocorrrect) slow burn // story focus - - - Currently in re-editing stages. New chapters will be released after previously existing ones have been edited and rereleased. - - - 2nd in #themazerunner || 04/05/21 1st in #maze || 11/02/21 1st in #tmr || 11/04/21


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Newt x Re...
by autocorrrect