Her Rock
By Pelton02
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Ella Mae Emerson, the girl who stays hidden at all costs, the girl who likes to be alone with eyes glued to the floor, words coming out as stutters, and nervousness her own personal shadow. She's just a girl who's trying to make it through the day with anxiety clinging to her back. Declan Olin Anderson, the new kid who transferred with drooling features and a charming attitude. Football is his sport, you could say he's quite the stellar athlete who's got game both on and off the field. If you push he'll pull, he doesn't quit because no good athlete does. She wasn't like him and he wasn't like her. They each got their own problems but finding each other wasn't one of them. * "You're beautiful Ellie, that's why they're staring." He whispers into my ear. My cheeks go hot as my eyes meet his. I don't know why, but when Declan calls me beautiful I get this feeling that I can't describe. He makes me feel so special. At this moment it's just me and him, he smirks and adds, "You're my girl, not theirs, they are jealous and they should be." Completed - 12/28/19

Chapter 1

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Her Rock
by Pelton02