Little Miss Lockwoo...
By SimplyKaity_
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•COMPLETED• (BEING REWRITTEN) Ember Lockwood is the daughter of Mason Lockwood and cousin to Tyler Lockwood. Things change when her uncles dies, her and her father head to mystic falls with a certain someone. Ember knows all about the supernatural in fact she is a siphoner witch and werewolf. Only thing is she hasn't triggered her werewolf curse. Embers mother is a witch as well, she taught Ember everything and even more. You haven't seen power until you've met Ember. Find out what happens when Ember gets dragged into the drama. 🎊SEASON 2 - SEASON 4🎊 ***(Lightly follows the plot and storyline of the show)*** 👌🏻ALL RIGHTS RESERVED👌🏻 ‼️I DO NOT OWN THE CAST OF THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. I ONLY OWN EMBER, ARIANNA, LIAM AND ANDREW.‼️

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Little Mi...
by SimplyKaity_