Eyes On The Fire
By creighuhn
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There are people who are craving for only one thing in this world-power. Power to be successful and to sit on the throne where they can rule the world with money and influence. And no matter how much the world changes and how the time flies, it is the truth that will always stand and remain. Except for Damian Farqueza. He is the illegitimate grandson of the most powerful man in the country. He is kept, yet he doesn't care for he only wants to be with everyone he loves-his father, his friends and the love of his life. Until he was chained and locked in the depths of the shadows where he's unheard, weak and powerless. Will he fight for the key for his freedom? Will he choose to endure the pain of his bleeding wounds just to reach it instead of letting it go to heal? What if fighting also means losing everyone he loves? He's got a raging fire inside of him. And the world has to watch where it will take him.

The Beginning

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Eyes On T...
by creighuhn