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MUST READ: This book has been written till chapter 42, then the chapter after is an explanation of what I was planning for the ending as I don't have time to update and feel that you guys deserve to know. I'm so sorry for any grammar mistakes as this book was written a while ago, when I was quite young and I don't know what possessed me to name my characters Shadow and London but read at your own risk hehe. Regardless, I've had many messaged about this book so I thought I'll republish it again but like I said it's not the best! "I do." What would you do when you come home after 2 years and you're told you're going to marry a gang leader? London Pierce definitely didn't take it well. Unfortunately she didn't know much about gangs, so when she slaps the most feared gang leader and her future husband. Lets just say he didn't take it well. Shadow Winters hates it when people disrespect him. He's the type who won't think twice before killing you. He's very cocky and might I add has very bad anger issues. Mix him with London, who doesn't take shit from no one, who has terrible anger problems and is not afraid to put up a fight. I don't think it's a good combination. But what will she do when she finds out the real reason for why she was forced to marry Shadow? What will she do when she realizes she's slowly falling for Shadow?

Chapter One: "Oh Really?"

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